Susan Rogers


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Susan Rogers

Inspires through stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

She lives in North Yorkshire, UK.

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I was born in the North East town of Hartlepool in 1958.

With an interest in matters of the mind and human behaviour, I studied psychology at Warwick University before starting a 35 years career in marketing.

Life is too short, so in 2012 I started planning my second life so that I could ensure I did everything I wanted to, before I die. Yes - the proverbial “bucket list”.

This came to fruition in 2013 when I moved from Buckinghamshire where I'd been living for 15 years, to North Yorkshire.

My interests and hobbies are wide and varied, but my main four are my dogs, long haul exploratory travel, music (I have a jazz band) and writing.

To date I have written three travelogues in the “Travelling Solo” series, and have a short story included in Henshaw Treats. I am also a public speaker.

 I am currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Teesside University.

How I got into writing