Susan Rogers


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Susan Rogers

Inspires through stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

She lives in North Yorkshire, UK.

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This delightful travelogue in its easy to read style, will not only inspire you to travel solo, but absorb you into the culture and experience of Vietnam.

Susan Rogers has the rare ability to draw you into her journey, not just physically around Vietnam but also into her private thoughts and feelings as a solo traveller.

Adventure, entertainment and sadness are all here, and we feel that we personally know the characters she encounters along the way.


Susan has a knack of presenting facts and experiences without all the over stated and patronising hype. I just cannot wait to start my trip to Vietnam and visit all the places and experience all the experiences that Susan Rogers has encapsulated so well in this fascinating book. I Hamilton

I highly recommend this book, a great mix of travelogue, historical facts and humour. A mine of information for anyone contemplating a trip to Vietnam. B Norman

I love this book by Susan Rogers, she really gives the reader a sense of what it was like for her to be travelling in Vietnam alone, and although it was a factual account she managed to give the tale a light-hearted and story-like feel. I was fascinated by the detailed history given at various points in the book, and I liked how she seemed very open-minded regarding the different perspectives of people she met. Overall a great read that would be ideal to take on holiday with you. J Revett