Susan Rogers


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Susan Rogers

Inspires through stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

She lives in North Yorkshire, UK.

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I enjoyed writing at school, and even won a prize in a Barclays Bank writing competition, which had the dry, imposed title of “Banks could be different - how different?”

I placed my story 100 years into the future and looked back at the past thereby comparing the futuristic banks with the system of the day. Money didn’t exist anymore, the equivalent being “points”  which were registered on little plastic cards and you had to go to the bank in order to find out how many points you had left. The banks were therefore totally different as they wanted to encourage people to check their points regularly, so they offered comfy lounges, free coffee bars and some even had leisure facilities. You put your card into a machine slot and it told you your points credit. At the time of writing it, “the hole in the wall” hadn't been introduced.

I spent a marketing career writing reports and presentations, creatively analysing market research and other data and bringing it alive as best I could.

I decided to take writing more seriously in 2012, so attended an Arvon course “An introduction to creative writing” following it up in 2013 with a course specifically about travel writing.

I am now taking it even more seriously, studying for a Masters in Creative Writing and putting time aside to pen something every day.

How I got into writing